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Payment Methods

Easy Paisa

Easy Paisa can be described as a most convenient way to pay us. It is equally simplest, faster and secure payment option like bank transfer / deposit. You can easily find Easy Paisa Shops around you as it has become the most popular payment option among Pakistani people and they use it commonly for utility bill payments. Following are our Easy paisa details.

Direct Cash Deposit At Tacit Host Office

If you are a resident of Karachi and have enough time to visit our premises. Nothing could be better than this option. You can visit our highly professional staff for quickest cash receivable by paying at the spot through cash.

Bank Transfer / Deposit

If you’ve an account in any bank in Pakistan, you can transfer money to one of our below-mentioned bank accounts using online banking account facility (E-Bank Account) or even Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

Furthermore, if you don’t have an account in any bank in Pakistan, don’t worry. Just visit any nearest branch of one of three below-mentioned banks and deposit the required amount directly into our bank account to secure your online / telephonic order. This is simplest, faster and secure payment option which suits all our customers who live in major cities where online banking facility or ATM facility is available. Please note that there are no additional charges.


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